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OM Cleaning Services is a Jaipur-based Cleaning Service specialising in solutions for the global market, with the initial focus on mining. With a special focus and expertise in the solid-liquid separation market, OM Cleaning Services is geared to provide tailored solutions for its clients in the chemical processing, mining and industrial sectors. The company’s patented and fit for purpose equipment and products have been applied in the Indian market by OM Cleaning Services, the founding division of OM Cleaning Services. Over the past 8 years, OM Cleaning Services has become one of the leading Cleaning Service companies in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It has built a solid reputation for excellent customer-focused products and services in the industrial industry.

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Sewage Spills Clean Up
Sewage spills are closely related to flood events as are classified under this category. Whether you have a small spillage from a toilet overflow, or if large areas of a building are contaminated due to a blocked/burst stack pipe Wisdom Clean Hitech Clean & Safe Services can assist immediately.

We are expert at making your environment safe and secure within 2 hours of your call and once disinfected and cleaned we issue you a certificate of hygiene for your records.

Information about Sewage Clean Up

The various types of sewage damage

Sewage damage is much like flood damage in terms of the effect it will have on the property. Unlike clean flood, water sewage contains the additional risk to human health, not to mention the fact that many people (including daily office cleaning companies), do not wish to deal with a spill or do not have the correct personal protective equipment or disinfectants to clean up correctly.

Sewage comes in two forms: treated and untreated.

Untreated sewage –

This is any liquid which contains biological material and has not yet gone through the sewage treatment plant. Raw sewage would be typically that found where toilets back up and overspill or stack pipes rupture in larger buildings. Untreated sewage has a far greater potential to cause illness and the longer the sewage has been sitting and stagnating the greater the number of bacteria it will contain. Untreated sewage should be dealt with immediately, we can get to you fast and clean this up reducing business interruption and by choosing Wisdom Clean Hitech, you will demonstrate a commitment to Health and Safety as well as for filling your duty of care responsibilities.

Treated sewage –

Any sewage that has passed through a treatment plant will have been treated with either UV light or chemical processes to eliminate harmful bacteria. Once treated the sewage will usually pass out into the sea where pipes run for many miles to ensure it does not wash up on-shore. There has been much in the press over the years where this was not the case and the action group surfers against sewage have worked hard to lobby sewage treatment works and government for better treatment of the waste and alternative disposal methods. Sewage line Cleaning service in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Coming into contact with treated sewage is rare, but can arise if large flooding events affect sewage treatment plants or in very rare cases there is a pump or other equipment failure which results in the sewage spreading over the land and potentially into the property. Sewage line Cleaning service in Jaipur

Water that originates from a heavy industry that may not contain faecal matter is also classified as sewage. This is due to the frequent cocktail of chemicals and nutrients in this water which creates a perfect living and growing conditions for bacteria. This waste may be more hazardous depending on the chemicals it contains and such spillages should only be cleaned up by a specialist team. Sewage line Cleaning service in Jaipur

How we evaluate the sewage damage

The remedy to treat sewage spillages is fairly similar for each spill. Very large spills will require the attendance of a vacuum tanker which can remove thousands of gallons which, once complete our team of technicians will remove any remaining debris, disinfect the area and our flood restoration team will then install drying equipment to ensure mould and fungus cannot develop and the ‘damp’ smell which we are all familiar with is prevented.

We will keep you informed at each stage of the process and are happy to liaise with your insurance company in such cases.

Potential risks to your health

Bacterial Infections –

There is a wide range of bacterial infections that can result from contact/ingestion of mainly grey or black water classifications. Some include E. Coli, Botulism, Dysentery, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis.

All the above are present when the water has some contamination of sewage, is stale or contains other nutritional substances which promote the growth of bacteria. These bacteria will induce a range of sickness including diarrhoea, flu-like symptoms, double vision, fever and respiratory failure.

Viral Infections –

Hepatitis A, Polyomavirus Infection and SARS. These bacteria can enter the body via ingestion or cuts in the skin. All viral infections are NOT treatable by antibiotics and there is no known cure for the Hepatitis family of viruses.

Again, unsanitary water may contain these viruses and as with all infections will make the infected individual suffer from a range of symptoms which include fatigue, fever, myalgia and headaches.
Protozoan Infections –

Contact and ingestion of contaminated or untreated water can result in these additional infections which are caused by the protozoa Amoebiasis, Cryptosporidiosis, Giardiasis and Microsporidiosis. Protozoa are actually single-celled organisms which are part of the animal kingdom.

Symptoms of infection range from fatigue, cramps, diarrhoea and bloating.
There are other fungal and parasitic infections that are transmissible by contaminated water but these are largely rare in India and are not covered here. The importance of having sewage spill lies in the wide range of illness that can result from coming into contact with the above.

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms after coming in contact with contaminated water you should contact a doctor immediately.

Potential risks to your property

It is highly recommended that sewage damage is dealt with quickly following the event. This is for many reasons which are not just health-related.

The longer the fabric of the building is exposed to sewage (as it contains water) it will become weakened, may expand (in the case of wood), and if not dried will smell and eventually support fungal growth which has another adverse impact to health.

This will have the effect of increasing the cost of repair to the building and prevent carpets or any redecoration being carried out.



What should you do?

Following a sewage outbreak, your first call should be to us so that the cleaning process can begin and minimal secondary damage can result.

We promise to be on-site within 2 hours and start the cleanup process straight away. We will deal with your insurer directly or if you prefer we are happy to send all the paperwork directly to you.

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